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The Test Fax website is here just to help you out with a simple problem: Help you with sending a test fax after you've set up your fax machine. After all, once you've configured you new fax machine, how can you test it and make sure it's working?

The old method was to find a friend who has a fax machine as well, and see if he will let you send a fax to it to test it out. Not only do you have to bother your friend to send this test fax, but if things don't go smoothly right away... you might wind up annnoying your friend into no longer taking you calls!

Fortunatley, the internet offers some options to help you out.

UPDATE: We will soon be offering our own fax testing service right on this page! We will post an update when this new service is ready.


1. I want to receive a test fax to my fax machine

There used to be a lot more options out there for sending a test fax to your local fax machine, but one would guess that like so many free services on the internet, they were likely tageted for abuses and perhaps shut down as a result. You can use FaxZero.com to send a test fax, but it looks like you need to set up a trial account with them before they will let you use their service.

Another service we found (but haven't yet tested) is called "free fax button" and is available here: http://www.freefaxbutton.com/free_fax_machine.php

And yet another (we're getting a collection going now): Also haven't tested this one but looks like it should work. Just type a message in the web page, enter your fax number, and tell it to send: http://www.interpage.net/sub-wwwfax.html


2. I went to send a test fax from my fax machine

The trick with testing sending a fax *from* your fax machine is, how do you find out if the other end received it correctly? Well, the internet has provided a unique solution to this problem

A website called FaxToy has a phone number you can send a fax to, and it will receive the fax and put a picture of it on their webiste. So, just send a fax to their number, and refresh their webpages for a while and see if it shows up. Pretty simple! Visit http://FaxToy.net to use this service.


3. I want to test both the send and receive of my fax machine

However, one that is still running and working is one that HP keeps alive, specifically for testing HP Fax machines.. but it will work for any machine, not just HP ones!

Find this service at this link (look out, it's long): http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c00259105&lc=en&cc=us&product=2512008&rule=4965&dlc=

HP has a short video available describing how to use this service:


4. Call a friend or office mate

Hey, I thought this was what we were trying to avoid? Well, true yes, but it is added here in case one of the first two options is not able to help you.

Be sure to contact us if you find any other options for sending or receiving test faxes, so we can add them to our list on this site.